Friday, October 8, 2010

Euro 2012 ...again :-)

I know that Euro 2012 is important thing in football schedule ( and that my La Roja chicos have to defend the Euro Copa :-) ) but I hate when we are having weekend without League football :-(
No matter what we are still having many,many news,gossiping and great games for this weekend!!!
The fact that transfer market isn't open, isn't enough for papers competing for " The most foolish headline of 2010.2011 season!!!"
and the nominees are.......
1) Milan is trying to evict Ronaldinho so they can bring back Kaka!!! And the fact that Inter wants to bring him is making this hijacking more special + Perez and Moratti are in bromance !!!
2) Juventus wants to bring Benzema! + manchester United + manchester City + Chelsea + Benzema wants to stay in Real ( BUT Money talk )!!! :-)
3) and now my favorite....Pepe is sick of being the " poorest " player in Real Madrid ( everyone can afford 25 cars and he only 20 :-( )...I understand you Pepe I totally do!!! sooo what's the solution??? GO TO THE BARCELONA!!!
Are brothers Grimm making these headlines?! Don't get me wrong in todays football everything is possible but c'mon...keep it real!
The cure for press C R A P is the Special One!!! :-) according to
""El portugués supervisa seguridad, viajes, hoteles, médicos, prensa, cocinero, jardinero, actos publicitarios de los jugadores..."
The S1 controls security,travels,hotels,doctors,press,KITCHEN:-) ,GARDENING-my favorite one :-),public activities for the players...I wonder did he approve CR Armani commercial :-) I know i do!!!
In other headlines-and this one is for my Red devils- mighty Van de Sar may retire at the end of a season!!! Maybe Sir Alex was really looking De Gea after all in Valencia...The answer depends on his form after the Christmas.

And saving the best for the end- the IT scandal of the moment-Sergio Ramos vs Catalan :-)

But no worries- Sergio was just kidding- and to prove it here is little piece of heaven from him to us :-)

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