Thursday, October 21, 2010

I will just ignore HIM!!!

Red Devil's will understand of WHO I am talking about...I will just ignore him,forget him ASAP!!!
So we clear that up... I am sorry I've been incredibly busy these days,posting rarely. Anyway 3rd round of CL is over Manchester WON-and what an emotional victory it was!!! Barca won.,Arsenal trashed Shakhtar,Lyon won so I am HAPPY!!! :-)
Ok  and Real won in classic game against Milan ( and Cristiano scored ! :-) )...I must say I was disappointed with Milan. I was expecting much,much more tense game BUT CR trashed my hopes. No worries CR-I forgive you :-)
In other non footie news- everyone favorite bromance FABRIQUE IS ON FACEBOOK!!! and Pipita is on Twitter here are links :

I think that these great news deserve toast- FOR MANY MANY NEWS,QUOTES AND PICTURES LIKE THESE!!! :-)

P.S. I will use this opportunity to say that all the quotes are taken from
this girl is doing amazing job, and for every Barca,Fabrique fan this blog is A MUST!!! :-)

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