Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let the season beggin!!! :-)

Soooo.... the transfers are over ( must admit- I will miss all those silly headlines ) ,pre-season is over ,and La Liga is starting!!! So now it is official- football season of 2010/2011 is STARTING!!! We know who will meet who in CL, we've already seen some amazing games and goals in Premier League,Calcio,Ligue 1,we know for sure that we will be watching Yoann "The Lashes" ( ohhh those lashes,that smile,those eyes,body,movements,talent,shyness....sorry but I can go for days like this when it comes to gorgeous Yoann :-) ....back to the topic- as for today...I am stuck home,have to do some serious studying BUT only after Blackburn-Arsenal and before watching my red devils trashing West Ham,hopefully!!! And i can't forget Yoann's debut in whit kit of OL! Unfortunately they are playing in same time as Man.Utd sooo I will be forced to watch 2 games at the time ( not the first time ) one on TV and other one on live streaming on the net!

Until tomorrow when I will be head over heels because of LA LIGAAAA!!! xoxo

P.S. Even that number of my followers is currently 0 :-)))....little announcement-usually I will post just pictures that I find on internet and that I find interseting....I will try to post as much often as I could-and one post will be about football,players,results...etc and another about La Moda-Fashion!!! :-)
Well just keep up with will see :-)
xoxo once again

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