Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chanel Iman

Most of you now what is FTV,right? So even if you are not watching it constantly ( hmmm like some of us ...) you must have been noticing this girl...Chanel Iman- gorgeous US model, new generation of supermodel as they call her. She is new Naomi-but without Bit%h_aditude  :-) My best friend is obssesed with her- she is model too,so she is really looking up to her...And really...girl has it all- face,body,personality,hair,smile and GREAT FASHION STYLE...So for those of you who doesn't now her-there she is...little bit of Chanel Iman!!! Pictures #2 ( in white shirt  that amazing skirt,and RED CHANEL BAG THAT IS KILLING ME !!! ) is my favorite- all outfit is simply mesmerizeing me !!! #3 is gorgeous outfit from Valentino collection-I think from autumn-winter 2009-2010 not 100% sure...my favorite from all collection + Chanel was wearing it :-)  and the last one...I am speachless!!!

P.S.all pictures were taken on google images

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