Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week # 1

Ok so I know that many leagues had started earlier, but from this weekend every major league has officially began- sooo this is then officially week # 1 :-)
Sooo let's see...My teams has won 1) Manchester-WHAT A GOAL FROM BERBATOV!!! and we can't forget Nani,amazing Vidic_Machine, Paul Scholes...all team!!!
                                                     2) Arsenal-Cescy-Sexy in starting 11,RvP got hurt :-( approximately one month...Theo kept on with great games
and least but not  least                
                                                     3) Barcelona won,Real didn't...but it's to early for saying anything + CR want be able to play 2,3 weeks :-( ohhh Cris if there is anything that you need to make you feel better...please, don't  hesitate...just ask me ;-)

P.S. Yoann debuted!!! Negative side-they lost  ...Positive side- Papa Gourcuff was happy!!! :-)
and now some pictures from this weekend( pictures were taken from other blogs- sempreyoann.pretty_n_pitch,kickette,getty images...)

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