Friday, September 3, 2010

National team duties!

I am still celebrating historical victory of NT of Spain at the WC but in today's modern football you have to celebrate shortly...So now we have Euro 2012 qualifications starting this weekend ( no League football :-( ) but no worries...We will ( hopefully ) enjoy in some great games&goals  this weekend provide by NT's. If not, at least  we will find out what will happened with Fabio Capello and his England job, did Lauren Blanc manage to erase WC trauma from his players- we are looking at you  Gourcuff_Lashes ( who is still under his ban ) , can mighty Spain keep up with their amazing games. So we can expect a lot from this weekend. In a meantime here are some transfer news-
1) Markus Rosenberg ( yum,yum) is going to Racing Santander!!! That's great news why? Because he will be playing with Adrian Gonzales!!!...just google bothof them- you will understand my excitement ! ;-)

2) Marco Borriello is going to Roma! I still can't believe that during golden AC Milan times ( Kaka,Borriello,Gourcuff...) i use to hate them!!! They beat my red devils in CL semi-final....enough said!
Warning- this video may cause problems with breathing,fast heart bumping,feeling dizzy...Use your oxygen masks if you want to handle all 15 minutes of video!

3) Fernando Torres and olala are expecting baby boy!!! El Nino junior!!! best wishes! :-)
4) Cesc-Sex is officially on twitter...Along with Arbeloa,Puyol,Xavi Alonso, only Pique is missing!

all pictures were taken from getty images,conlaroja.wordpress.

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