Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ok...I now it was friendly match but it hurts like hell! And after reading some of the headlines in Argentina's even worse!!! ¡España, por favor devolvé la copa Mundial!" ,Campeón de Rodillas"... they are little bit hursh,but I get them- they beat Campeones del Mundo so they have a right to enjoy! 

Portugal lost,France won ( Gourcuff should be allowed for next game,I think...) Rooney scored in England victory-Theo should be alright in 2 weeks ( Thank  God! ),Italy won...BTW WHERE is Borriello?! 

Now girl gotta gossip a little bit :-) the word is that Inter is preparing shocking transfer Kaka-Inter in revenge for Ibra-Milan...But I don't see it happening, There is no way that Kaka would to that to Rossoneri fans. He is not...well Ibra!  But who knows what Special One has planed in his master_mind.We can expect the unexpected! 
And as Man.Utd. girl I am tired of Benzema saga which is starting AGAIN for XY time! Boy rejected us already !!! I get it -he got caught up by Madrid city lights,Galacticos,Special One,Sergio Ramos's fashion style,CR tan,San Iker...who knows. I just hope that it was worthed because he had chance to be mastered by almighty SER Alex! Time will tell...


Ohhh poor Pepe!!! No worries I would comfor you anytime Pepe :-) and Theo that offer is available  for you too ;-)
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