Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belles du Jour :-)

Gossip girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous life of Manhattan elite :-)

Ohhh yes! GG is back and I am LOVIN IT!!! Exciting new stories that are developing + PARIS !!! I watched it this morning and I am still exciting and CAN'T WAIT for next episode!!! 
Of course when you are talking about GG you have to mention the clothes! The clothes is just....well... TO DIE FOR!!! Here are some of my favorite looks through the seasons! My favorite's are : 
1)Blair in indescribably beautifull Marc Jacobs dress! 
2) in last episode of season 3erena is wearing unbelievable outfit  ( when she decided that she is going to Paris with Blair... )
3) First outfit that Blair wore in opening of 4 season- very colorful but I am mesmerized with it!!!
4) Episode when they are at the Hamptons-I think it's the first in season 2...B and S are drinking coffee,talking about boys...Both outfits left me speechless!!!
5) Of course I have to mention the headbands!!! I admit-because of B I start wearing them :-)
6) and I can't wait to see Serena's outfit from next episode-with blue pants and gold jacket! It is gorgeous!

P.S. For all GG lovers-great site  - all the photos were taken from it! + it has reviews,spoilers,pictures,videos...

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