Friday, September 24, 2010

Eye candy! Yumm Yumm Pique :-)

Here my ladies we have Pique and his mesmerizingly blue eyes talking about watches,CR and Zlatan...You know Zlatan and THAT picture!!! And something else...very special "else" :-)
Let me see- Pique and Cristiano in same commercial!? What else can girl ask for!? Give me popcorns,nes coffee and press play! :-) ASAP :-)
No but really,can you imagine that epic 45-60 seconds?! Maybe San Iker's shaving, CR baby boy, Sergio Ramos cutting his hair...will have same impact on ladies across the globe :-)
Only thing better... Gerard Pique+Cristiano Ronaldo + Yoann Gourcuff !!! OK,OK I am over-exaggerating know,but we can always have dreams and hopes ladies :-)
Until then I am satisfied, extremely satisfied with this pictures,those blue eyes,his smile...all package :-)
Enjoy ladies

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