Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Force- fulfilling dreams for the ladies :-)

I can just post TNX 896475665 times to the marketing and advertising management of this company,but I won't...I have a much better idea! I will post you all the gorgeous ( spanish) hot boys they choose for their representatives,and you will see it for yourself ladies  :-) and now- how can anyone tell  that TF isn't their favorite watch company??!! :-)
P.S. If only you can get watches with special deliveries...Ohhh Pique I will bye anything you are selling :-) I don't know what is going on inside my mind these days- but I am worryingly crossing the line on to the dark_fangirl_obsessed side, when it comes to the Pique these days ;-) Like my mind isn't screwed up enough with CR-Armani this TF came!!! ohhh sweet pain :-D


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