Friday, September 10, 2010

Heating things up...extremely!!! ;-)

My dear ( 0  ) followers :-) , while we are waiting for football weekend,let's spice things a little bit! 
First we have a new Emporio Armani Jeans commercial. Why should we watch it? It includes CR**
 half-naked,so that should be enough. And may I say just this- not a really clever move from Armani- getting CR to promote jeans... When he get him on-I bet XY girls starting cursing them!!! :-)

**-Yes,when it comes to CR I am acting like fangirl...Crazy fangirl,hormones_out_of_control fangirl, stalker_mood fangirl, diRRty thoughts fangirl...You get the point! 

But I am not done! NOPE ! Bromance of the moment -Fabrique! :-) There is no La Roja, Arsenal,Barcelona...well actually football  fan(girl) who isn't dreaming of two of them! So there they are- Cesc-Sex Fabregas & Gerard Pique! Thankfully there keep there friendship strong ever since their Barca days,they are  La Roja teammates, and ...hmmm ...future teammates :-) So for all the ladies-ENJOY!



P.S.-some pictures were taken from TNX for making amazing pictures of these 2 cuties!!!                                                                        

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