Thursday, September 23, 2010

Midweek football

So far SOOOO good!!! :-) Manchester stormed through the Carling Cup-BEBE HAD DEBUT!!! Chelsea lost to newcastle :-) Liverpool got beaten by Championship team :-) ahhh did I tell you how much I LUUV Carling Cup!!! Yes it's not excactly CL or League but you can always  expect the unexpected! And that for me it's enough :-)

Barcelona won against Sporting without Messi- who was watching the game,from seat in Nou Camp. Real Madrid beat Espanyol 3:0 BUT you may think that they were dominating the game hugely...NO that wasn't the case! They had many,many problems...The Special One wasn't happy at all-maybe it was because he didn't destroyed any bottles this time! or using his own words: "because it isn't easy to play on a potato field!!! :-)  Oh how I adore this man :-) Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored ( after 48 days ) and he dedicated his goal to Cristiano Junior!!! So sweet :-) 

This weekend we have:
1) Manchester United s facing Bolton, battle of the "poors"  Manchester City vs Chelsea , Arsenal vs WBA
2) Lyon is going to hard game against Ligue 1 holders Saint Etienne 
30 levante vs Real Madrid- let's see how are they going to play outside the potato field :-) Barcelona is goint to face far Atletic was tough opponent for La Liga Big 4

P.S. last picture with Sergio Ramos & Pepe is killing me! :-))) Like said- they look like they are dancing :-) 

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