Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The game is on!!!

Ohhh yes! The battle for new kings of Europe is beginning today! I am extremely excited!!! :-) This year final is ( I think ) even more special,because it will be played in Wembley-football monument!
So who will have the honor? Will Barca boys play their 3 final, or will it be The Special One who will step his special feet,with his Special_Project Real Madrid on special Wembley pitch-i promise no more special words from me ;-) no but Jose can become I think first manager who will won CL with 3 different teams IF he wons it with Madridistas!
Will Chelsea conquistar it for the first time,or maybe trophyless Arsenal ? Maybe some outsiders...
And for the end may I explain you my Man.Utd theory-they have played semi-finals in 2007 then final in 2008 then finals in 2009 then semifinal in 2010 so now it will be logical for them to play final-get it...pure logic :-)

Anyway I just hope that we will have some amazing games,crazy unbelievable goals,and at the end...Nemanja Vidic- as possibly new Man.Utd captain is going to lift the trophy!!! :-)

P.S. or in worst case scenario-Cesc-Sex...or Puyol!
P.S.#2 Must_Watch games-: Manchester United vs Rangers 
                                             Werder Bremen vs Tottenham Hotspur
                                             Olimpique Lyon vs Shalcke 04
                                             Barcelona vs Panathinaikos 

Hope that we will enjoy tonight!!!                                                                  xoxo

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