Sunday, September 12, 2010

Au revoir ete... Bienvenue a automne :-(

I have never been and never will be person who enjoy's autumn...,Too much rain, grey sky,cold, I will probably get fly in 5 days,trust me...Fall-depresion is already hitting me...badly :-( + all these results from yesterday NOT HELPING AT ALL!!! but a little bit later about that ) Well ok...I am going to be optimistic as I always try to be. Let's look at this way-I can soon wear my favorite scars,sweaters,BOOTS-I bought gorgeous Miss Sixty  at the end of the winter,didn't even get chance to wear them,so that's a +...BIG one :-) But my favorites are coats! And we can't talk about perfect coats without mentioning of course one and only-Burberry!!! DEF my favorite's! so here is little piece of their spring 2010 collection. I know it is spring collection but coats are drop_dead_gorgeous  + you can wear them in those chill fall days,anytime,not get cold and looking amazing!!! Bright colours,amazing layers and trench coats to die for! Simple... but yet classic...

P.S. I had to put few dresses because they are pure perfection! :-)

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